Jakob C. Derner

Jakob Derner, President of KosherNation Photography, began channeling his creative skills into marketing photography as the General Manager for Speakeasy Ale House in Concord, North Carolina. Nearly a decade later, Jakob aims to capture energy and realism through his work, while ensuring everyone has fun in the process. From weddings, family portraits, social events and more, KosherNation Photography hopes to provide you with vivid memories that evoke real emotions.


Allie A. Derner

Allie Derner, Vice President at KosherNation Photography, brings a unique perspective to the team. Possessing a decades worth of yoga skills, Allie is in tune with body alignment and positioning. Using this knowledge, she knows how to pose a person as well as the shot. She strives to use her experience and passion to create and improve the style we strive for at KosherNation Photography.